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Beginners Start Here Our FAQ section with a few basic questions answered
Choosing Advice on choosing a CB radio, aerial and mount
Package Deals Information about our Package Deals/Starter Packs
Accessories Information about popular add-ons for CB radios
Facilities & Controls What all the controls and features on modern CB's actually do
Handheld CB's Information about hand held CB radios
Handsfree Information about using your CB "handsfree"
Multi-Standard CB's Information about the Multi-Standard type CB's
UK/EU Bands Comparing the two bands that are legal in the UK
Slanguage & Lingo Ten-Four Good Buddy, What's Yer '20?
Base Station CB Information on setting up a CB system in a permanent location
History Of CB A brief rundown of CB's chequered past
EBAY You should read this BEFORE you bid on a CB radio
CB Licence Abolished 8th Dec 2006
Buying Advice on buying CB equipment
CB For Car Owners Clubs & Groups CB is great for events, days out, trips away etc
CB For Motorbikes CB radio on motorbikes
CB For Businesses Delivery drivers, tree surgeons, farm contractors, scrapyards, etc etc

Installing How to Install CB in a 4x4, information and advice
SWR Meter Guide / SWR Explained SWR explained & how to use an SWR meter
Groundplane/Earthing Information about Groundplanes and ways to earth your aerial

About Us Our "About Us" page
How To Order Order on the site or by phone with any major credit/debit card
Our Price Promise We should be VERY competitive on prices!
Postage & Packaging Our charges and information about delivering your purchase
Terms & Conditions Our general Terms and Conditions page

www.farmcbradio.co.uk Our Subsite for the use of CB in Farming
www.cbradio4minis.co.uk Our Subsite about CB radio for Mini clubs and enthusiasts
www.motorhomecbradio.info Our Subsite about CB radio in Motorhomes and Motorcaravans
www.pmr446.co.uk Our Subsite about PMR446 Walkie Talkies

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